Sunday, 1 March 2015

Easing myself back into crafting with Jewellery disasters.


I have been a lady of leisure now for a few weeks but having Half Term last week sort of threw me off track a bit. My blitzing, cleaning and de-cluttering has slowed down a tad but I am pleased that the areas I have done, I am maintaining and adding a few new areas to my list each week.

The area surround me on the sofa is certainly not a clutter free zone as I am surrounded by boxes of beads and a large cardboard box of books, DVDs and games which are next on my list to sort.

Right, let's get creative!!! OR NOT!

My feeble attempts at creativity have done a huge belly flop and I was tempted to pack all my beady stuff back in my craft room and bolt the door. Here is how it's going!

Now back at the beginning of the month an inspiration challenge was posted over at Crafts by Carolyn's using this pic start with. I am not a purple person but using the braid theme I stole a friendship bracelet kit from Amelia and set to work.

I had never tried Kumihimo before so it was a good reason to try it out.

Progress was quite slow as I was only using the embroidery silks provided in the kit which was aimed at children. I was please with what I had done but I have left it unfinished as it wasn't really to my taste and I was keen to try other things!

SO, next I tried Satin Rat tail. I scoured the internet trying to find out how long to cut the lengths to for a bracelet. Eventually I found somewhere that suggested you take the length of the required bracelet, double it and add 12 inches. I went for it! 

Loved how quickly this braid work up and was really excited, yes, I know it's sad!

Once finished I was disappointed that the braid was too fat to fit into the super cool magnetic clasp which was 6.2mm! Arghh! I was not disheartened and put it all down to inexperience and trial and error. Upon saying that I looked at the braid and noticed how much it stretched, so much in fact that the length was  no longer suitable for a bracelet for myself! I am glad I put this to the test but don't know how to get around the issue.

Yesterday I decided to re-bead a wrap bracelet I made a few years ago. I had only used  embroidery silk to bead it and it had broken. With my newly arrived beady supplies I set to work. Love these colours and once again I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

Until 3/4 of the way through, snap! The Superlon Bead cord broke! ARGH!

What to do next? I want to make jewellery that will withstand good wear and tear not stretch out of shape or snap! HELP PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Lady of Leisure?

Well, I haven't seen much in the way of "leisure" but it's been a few weeks since I left work. I have started a Pilates class in an attempt to help with my back pain, I have started my attempt at a thorough clean and major de-clutter of the whole house. It's not going to happen overnight, I know that, some days I feel really motivated and over do it so much that the next day my back is so painful I can hardly move. I suppose it's just learning to pace myself!

I have been awake since about 3.30am this morning as Chris left early to drive to Torquay so, with the children both at home I am being lazy and I have decided to sort out my beady stash. (It was more appealing than trying to find the floor to my craft room!)

I must confess, I didn't realise I had quite so many beads and I am a bit confused how to organise them. All I know is that I want them to be more accessible so I can be a bit more creative, especially sitting down during the evening whilst watching TV.

I thought I'd share a few pics with you.

These "beads" are pieces of broken jewellery I grabbed in the January sales from Monsoon. The actual non-faulty items totalled a grand sum of £87.50 but the broken bits I paid only £4.20 for!!! I love the multi stranded  turquoise, coral and gold necklace (£25) so much so that I threw 2 of those into my basket with no hesitation!

Whilst trying to organise today I came across these beads all ready stranded and waiting for me to make "shamballa" type bracelets from them. I suppose I should try to get these made first before playing with my other beads!

These beauties are, once again, pieces of broken jewellery. My lovely sister gave them to me over a year ago and they have been sitting in a chocolate box just waiting for a new lease of life! As beautiful as they are, I will have to get my thinking cap on as some of these are up to 20mm in size.

Last but certainly not least, these were given to my by my darling mum along with some different colour threading materials....oooh, so pwetty! Thank you Mum! xxx

I have been so tempted to buy more over the last week but I am so glad I have resisted (so far) instead I want to think carefully about the findings and stringing materials I want to make certain pieces of jewellery........a bit of forward planning! SO unlike me.

Hopefully I will have a few finished items to show you soon!

Bye for now.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lady of leisure, the countdown begins!

Long time no "see!"

Life has been as hectic as ever, hubby's work commitment has increased as has Jack's teenage lazyitus and Amelia's hyperactive flitting between being a "Terrible 2" and a "Moody Teenager!"
Working at the Pre-school for over  6  years has really not helped my back  and I have been in constant pain for over a year now.

After careful consideration since last June, just before Christmas we took the scary decision for me to hand my notice in. I now have only 3 more weeks at work, that's only 6 working days left before I become a lady of leisure.

There has not been ANY crafting going on in the Dingle household, in fact I can hardly get in my craft room door without tripping over various boxes and bags BUT there has been a lot of activity on my Pinterest page and I am brimming with ideas and projects to try out.

Let the countdown begin.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Catching up and winding down!

One more week left at work before the Summer Holidays, it's been a long and tiring term.My health has not been great and Chris has been working and travelling more putting more pressure on us all as a family. We are ALL ready to start winding down a bit.

After playing catch up on most of my housework yesterday, I have had a lazy day today. I have pottered around the garden and Chris has tried tidying up a few plant in one of the borders. (The contorted Hazel has gone mad!) We are gradually treating ourselves to a few new plants to try to introduce more colour into the garden.

The pots on the patio are looking quite colourful, I love our new lilies!

and the sunflowers make me smile every morning as I open the kitchen blinds, 
they are sunny whatever the weather!

Our old hydrangea is doing well, absolutely full of buds and flower but the blooms are not as large as usual. Not sure what I am doing wrong but love the colour. We have just got another pink one which is sitting in a pot on the patio and a lovely cream one waiting to be put into the borders.

Now this is a plant I need to investigate. We remember planting something there years ago but it has never flowered until this year. Until it flowered I thought it was a hollyhock but now I don't know what it is! LOL

We still have a few areas of the garden which need attention. The top corner by our little shed  has never been finished and we are looking at getting a slightly bigger shed before we can finish planting up the border. We also have a small area on the patio where the BBQ sits and the are is used as a bit of a dumping ground. Long term I would love a little arbour seat there, perhaps with a nice climber rambling over it and a nice cushion, and some pretty little lights...and...and...and....

My heart wants the arbour seat to come first but my head tells me it makes more sense to get the shed sorted first!

Hey ho!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Good Luck Card

Despite a very long and hectic day yesterday I did challenge myself into making 2 cards. I cheated and made them both the same as time was against me! Not sure the colours are quite to my liking but quite pleased with the overall effect. All I need to do now is to personalise them both.

Sorry for the dodgy pics, I took the photographs out in my conservatory but the lighting is very hit and miss. Perhaps it's time for a new camera, after all, as much as I love it, it is now over 8 years old.(Time to drop a few hints!LOL)

My card/s meet the criteria over at;
Totally Gorjuss - Flower Power
Crafty Hazelnut's Patterned Paper - June
Craftitude - Flowers and/or Lace
Sisters of Craft - Anything Goes
Crafting from the Heart - Anything Goes

Right, waffle over, best get busy. Got Osteopath this morning!

Bye for now.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Catch up blogging! Little Book of Love.

It's been manic this last week or so. Parent's Evening for Jack, reports at work, Sports Day for Amelia, Children in Need Respite meeting today, the list goes on and on. It hasn't helped matters that Chris is working all over the place, in fact he set off at 5am this morning for Cheltenham, on to Liverpool at 1.30pm, last heard of around Birmingham and homeward bound back to Kent! 
We are all fighting flu and absolutely shattered, roll on the Summer Hols!

Thought I'd spend a few moments to catch up and share the last few pages of the little book I made for Hubby's Birthday. I will happily admit, I didn't really finish it, I could have made loads more pages but just didn't have the time.

I know the little verse is a bit corny but I had so much fun making this book and all the little tags, which I colour coded; Amelia had little blue tags, Jack green and I had red. We all hand wrote our own ideas of why we love him so much.

Hubby loved it, so I suppose I should be pleased with the outcome!

My pages meet the criteria over at;
Crafty Girls- Anything goes
Crafty Hazelnut's Patterned Paper - June

Bye for now.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Book for my man, another page complete!

The process is sloooooow but day by day I am starting to feel a bit more human. I will be so glad to see the back of this rotten flu bug! Earlier in the week I managed to get another page of my little book complete, and today I have almost done a double page spread. Just as well it's starting to come together as it needs to be finished for Friday!!!

Kept it quite quick and simple; used one of my new embossing folders then inked the paper and high-lighted a few details with metallic rub-on. Unfortunately my pics don't really pic that up! The little car embellishment was cut from chip board and heat embossed with a nice black glossy finish with a little bit of metallic sparkle for good measure!

Can't wait to get this all put together, I absolutely ADORE making things for the ones I love.

This page meets the criteria over at;
2 Sisters - Make your own!
Rhedd and Rosie - Anything Goes
Crafty Hazelnut's Patterned Paper - June

Bye for now.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ooops, I did it again!

Tee hee hee! This is the second part of my crafty delivery which arrived this week! I have taken them all out of their wrappers, tried most of them out, then stored them safely on my shelves. I cannot resist a bargain and, after all, I need to play a bit of catch up! Think of the last few years overall, I have hardly spent anything on crafting! (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

I thought this weekend would be spent mainly in the garden but instead of sunshine today we have cloud, came out of the dentist with Jack an Amelia and was surprised that it was raining. It hadn't been forecast at all and it wasn't enough to put anything in our empty rain butts and now it's trying to brighten up.

I have most of the day to myself now, perhaps I could even fit in some craft time!